Long Lasting Lawn Fertilizer 23-0-8

This quality fertilizer blend provides the primary plant nutrients, plus extra iron for luxurious green color. This special formula also contains slow release nitrogen for prolonged feeding with less danger of burning the turf.


Long Lasting Lawn Fertilizer 23-0-8

with 50% UMAXX & Fertil Blend

  • Delivers extended brilliant color from UMAXX stabilized nitrogen and Fertil Blend microbial soil inoculants
  • Expect 12-16 weeks of consistent nitrogen feeding, resulting in fewer applications while still maintaining maximum turf color and vigor
  • Non-staining iron
  • Total nitrogen: 23% urea with slowly available nitrogen from 50% UMAXX® (Urea with Dicyandiamide and NBPT); Potash MOP: 8%;Iron: 1%; SGN 200
  • Apply: February to December
  • Coverage: 18 lb bag up to 5,000 sq ft; 50 lb bag up to 13,888 sq ft

Long Lasting Lawn Fertilizer 23-0-8 Product Label