Frequently Asked Questions

Fertil Blend is a special blend of ingredients with microorganisms. It significantly increases fertilizer efficiency, nutrient availability and uptake as well as improved root depth and mass. Also the organic components and microbes help hold fertilizer in the soil to decrease runoff into streams and water sources.

Dyna Green fertilizers deliver an outstanding blend of ingredients at a great price. They often out perform the competition, at a lower price. Dyna Green fertilizers are formulated specifically for Midwest soils. They are also manufactured in the Midwest so there is less environmental impact from shipping long distances, which saves on cost.

Phosphorus has been shown to have a negative impact on the environment. For this reason more and more states are regulating phosphorus in lawn care products. The vast majority of the Midwest lawns already have plenty of phosphorus to maintain healthy turf. However, phosphorus is needed for sprouting seed, and some lawns do have phosphorus deficiencies. That is why some Dyna Green products still contain phosphorus.

Its formulated for the Midwest and our growing conditions, over fertilizing in the spring causes excess growth and can lead to fungus problems early in Summer.

That’s the time of year fescue responds best to fertilizing, when temperatures cool in the fall our Midwest grasses expand their root systems to store “food” for the winter. If nitrogen is present the root mass expands accordingly.

We use Viper, a professional strength weed control, that is tailored for our climate in the Midwest. In addition, we add this to our Long Lasting fertilizer which releases over a 2 to 3 month period where most other weed and feeds release over a 2 to 3 week period.

The Edgeguard uses the same scale as the SpeedyGreen which is listed on the bag. For season long control of 5 to 6 months the rate is 3.33 lbs per thousand and that corresponds to a 6 setting. The different rates determine how long the Dimension lasts.

It is never too late to apply fungicides to your lawn. When applying our Eagle or T-methyl product make sure the blades of your grass are dry to prevent burning the leaf blades. After application make sure to water the fungicide in to assure the grass roots take up the product.

Dimension, which is the active ingredient in our Dyna Green Crabgrass Preventer, cannot be applied to frozen ground or it may become less effective. As long as the ground is thawed it can be applied and at that point freezing will not harm the active ingredient, although mid-March is the recommended application time.

Reverse steps one and two. Put Long Lasting down now and after your new grass is up and had a couple of mowings apply step one. Our Crabgrass Premergent with Dimension can be applied much later than other types (up until Mid May) and still provide effective control.

Yes, the bags can be recycled. The bags are classified as a #4 for plastic recyclers.

In our Dyna Green products that contain iron this is the source. It is derived from sugar beets and plants can absorb it quicker than ferrous oxide which is more commonly used in other fertilizers. The best part is it doesn’t leave that rust spot on your concrete driveways and sidewalks.

Hummert Dyna Green Long Lasting with Viper is a step above the rest! Viper is a commercial herbicide that works quicker and controls tough to kill weeds. Just remember weed controls have to enter through the leaf of weeds not the root. It should be applied to damp grass before mowing and be on 24 to 48 hours without being washed off. Keep children and pets off the lawn until this product has been watered in. Another advantage is that we pair the Viper with our Long Lasting formula. This product feeds through the entire summer! Just another reason that Dyna Green products are the best in the Midwest!

As the temperatures warm up in May and June turf type fescues start developing a brown “undertone”. This is often confused with brown patch lawn disease. What your lawn is really telling you is “I’m hungry”! Dyna Green Long Lasting spoon feeds your lawn all summer long and helps keep that dark green color. Apply anytime in May and June to keep that lawn happy.

At Hummert we take the lawn care professionals approach to summertime lawn fungus problems. We offer 2 fungicides with different modes of action to break the fungus cycle, sometimes one type of fungicide is not enough for older varieties of fescue that don’t have the disease resistance of newer strains. T-Methyl and Eagle fungicides are systemic commercial strength formulas that are now available to the homeowner. T-Methyl is an older generation fungicide but still very effective on brown patch in fescue and dollar spot in bluegrass, Eagle is a newer broad spectrum fungicide that gives superior control of lawn diseases in fescue, bluegrass and large patch disease in Zoysia. Applications should begin about the middle of May with either one and followed in 3 to 4 weeks with the other variety. If you’re not sure about fungus in your lawn just bring a sample of your grass into any Hummert Dyna Green dealer for identification.

Neither T-Methyl or Eagle will stop these growths and no product on the market will. The source of these growths is from a decaying wood source in the soil, usually dead tree roots or wood mulch. When moisture and temperatures are right these growths form and will continue to do so until the source has completely decayed. This can also signal conditions are right for lawn fungus so keep an eye out for irregular brown patches developing in the lawn. Apply either T-Methyl or Eagle and follow in 3 weeks with the other type.

Don’t be concerned about white grubs in gardens and landscape areas as they cannot do enough damage to larger plants to warrant treatment. However, it is a sign that they could be in your lawn as well and that is a concern. When summertime temperatures raise the roots of grass plants shorten as well and with grubs eating too, serious damage can be done. Dyna Green Grub Control with Mallet is a commercial strength control for the homeowner. It should be applied between the middle of June to the first part of July to get best results. Water in with 24 hours with one half inch of water as this product can lose effectiveness in sunlight.