Grub Control

Used on lawns, flower beds, ground covers, ornamental trees and shrubs to control White Grubs, Mole Crickets, and European Crane Fly Larvae.


Grub Control Insecticide

with 0.2% Mallet (Imidacloprid)

  • Easy to use, long-lasting, broad spectrum and systemic insecticide
  • Insects: White grub larvae, including Japanese beetles, northern and southern masked chafers, May/June beetles, cutworms and armyworms
  • Apply: When beetles are flying June to July
  • Coverage: 15 lb bag up to 5,000 sq ft

To purchase this product, please visit your local dealer.

SPREADER SETTINGS: Per 1,000 sq ft; 3 lb Setting
Water within 48 Hours. More info on back of label.

  • Scotts AccuGreen Drop Spreader: 2.5
  • (1-30) Dyna Green Broadcast: 13
  • (1-10) Republic EZ #540 Broadcast: 3
  • (2-18) Scotts Speedy Green Broadcast: 6.5

Grub Control Product Label