How to Measure the Lawn Application Total for Fertilizer

Calculating Pounds per 1,000 Square Feet To calculate how many pounds of fertilizer to put down, you first need to read on the fertilizer bag how many square feet the fertilizer will cover. For example: you have purchased a bag of fertilizer that states it will cover 15,000 square feet and weighs 46.56 pounds. To […]

How to Calibrate a Spreader

Calibration: To calibrate a spreader, mark off an area of 1,000 sq. ft. (25′ x 40′). Assuming a spread of 8 feet, mark off 3 every spaced lanes running along the 40 ft dimension. Weight out 20 lbs of fertilizer, place in hopper and make application to test area using the setting given on the […]

Toby’s Complete Lawn Renovation Program

First apply an herbicide with Glyphosate as its only active ingredient (also known as ai) which include:  Gordon’s Pronto, Bonide Kleen Up, Ace Weed & Grass Killer Under dry conditions water 2 days before applying the herbicide to the grass, promoting actively growing grass. When doing this it is best to apply Earthright to condition […]