How to Calibrate a Spreader

Calibration: To calibrate a spreader, mark off an area of 1,000 sq. ft. (25′ x 40′). Assuming a spread of 8 feet, mark off 3 every spaced lanes running along the 40 ft dimension. Weight out 20 lbs of fertilizer, place in hopper and make application to test area using the setting given on the […]

Toby’s Complete Lawn Renovation Program

First apply an herbicide with Glyphosate as its only active ingredient (also known as ai) which include:  Gordon’s Pronto, Bonide Kleen Up, Ace Weed & Grass Killer Under dry conditions water 2 days before applying the herbicide to the grass, promoting actively growing grass. When doing this it is best to apply Earthright to condition […]