Long Lasting Lawn Fertilizer 23-0-8

with 50% UMAXX & Fertil Blend

  • Delivers extended brilliant color from UMAXX stabilized nitrogen and Fertil Blend microbial soil inoculants
  • Expect 12-16 weeks of consistent nitrogen feeding, resulting in fewer applications while still maintaining maximum turf color and vigor
  • Non-staining iron
  • Total nitrogen: 23% urea with slowly available nitrogen from 50% UMAXX┬« (Urea with Dicyandiamide and NBPT); Potash MOP: 8%;Iron: 1%; SGN 200
  • Apply: February to December
  • Coverage: 18 lb bag up to 5,000 sq ft; 50 lb bag up to 13,888 sq ft

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