Toby’s Complete Lawn Renovation Program



  • First apply an herbicide with Glyphosate as its only active ingredient (also known as ai) which include:
    •  Gordon’s Pronto, Bonide Kleen Up, Ace Weed & Grass Killer
    • Under dry conditions water 2 days before applying the herbicide to the grass, promoting actively growing grass. When doing this it is best to apply Earthright to condition the soil making verticutting and seeding easier.
  • A second application of herbicide may be required if the target area is not brown within 7 to 10 days.
  • Once the target area is brown mow the area short and bag.
  • Now it’s time to verticut. Verticut in one direction then make a second pass in the opposite direction. Lastly, rake or pick up with a bagger as much debris as possible
    •  The area doesn’t need to be completely bare. Just enough old lawn needs to be removed to make sure seed has a good contact with the scored ground. Please note that power rakes and core aerators are NOT meant for reseeding. 
  • In the same day as verticutting apply your seed. Know your square footage and apply only the recommended seeding rate using a broad cast or drop spreader.
    • Sun to medium shade Hummert Dyna Green Fescue-Blue Mix for Sun- 5-7lbs per 1,000 sq ft
    • Medium to heavy shade use Hummert Dyna Green Fescue-Blue Mix for Shade- 5-7lbs per 1,000 sq ft
    • Hummert Best Of Blues- 2-3lbs per 1,000 sq ft
    • All three grass seed mentioned above are tested for this area and contain no weed or other crop seed and have a higher disease and drought resistance.
    • Applying too much seed will lead to overcrowding and your newly seeded area will fail.
  • Next apply Dyna Green Fall Starter Fertilizer at the recommended rate.
  • Once you see germination (Usually within 10-14 days) apply Mushroom Stuff to help the grass plants establish quicker.
  • Lastly water in the seed with ¼” to ½” of water.
    • This can be done with a sprinkler and will set the seed in the channels left by the verticutter.
    • Keep area moist at the surface for the next 2-3 weeks. Newly sprouted seed left dry will not survive!
  • In 3-4 weeks you should be mowing your newly seeded lawn. Make sure to mow at 3-4 inches when needed.
  • Apply Dyna Green Winterizer fertilizer twice in 30 day intervals after your second mowing to promote a healthy yard in the spring.

Recommended Times of Application for Dyna Green Fertilizers, Fungicides & Insecticides

Crabgrass Preventer            
Long Lasting            
Fall Starter            
Long Lasting w/ Viper            
Winterizer w/ Surge            
Grub Control            
Lawn & Lanscape Insecticide            
All Purpose            
Dyna Green 6-24-24            
Flower & Garden            
Tree & Shrub            
Dyna Max 12-4-8            
Dyna Max 12-12-12            
Dyna Max 25-10-10            

How to Calibrate a Spreader

Application Methods

Application Methods

Calibration: To calibrate a spreader, mark off an area of 1,000 sq. ft. (25′ x 40′). Assuming a spread of 8 feet, mark off 3 every spaced lanes running along the 40 ft dimension. Weight out 20 lbs of fertilizer, place in hopper and make application to test area using the setting given on the chart for the analysis being applied. Weigh remaining fertilizer to determine the actual quantity spread. Adjust meter setting as necessary to spread the number of pounds of fertilizer that will deliver 1 lb. N per 1,000 sq. ft.

Dyna Green Grass Seed Planting Calendar