Dyna Mix Raised Bed Media - Classic

Dyna Mix is the right soil mix for your raised bed planting bed, landscape, or growing containers. It is GREEN GOLD for your raised bed garden.

  • Light and friable texture makes it easy to work
  • Roots grow vigorously in the oxygen rich mix
  • Good drainage while retaining water in root zone
  • Contains our tried and proven blend of compost, rice hulls and peat moss
  • We have developed these blends with months of experimentation in our greenhouses and in our raised beds. They have proven to be the best.
  • Dyna Mix is so workable; planting and harvesting can be done with your hands
  • Makes gardening more enjoyable and easier
  • Crops will be healthier and yields will increase
  • A raised bed 8’ x 4 ’x 1’ needs 15 x 2 cubic foot bags
  • Free from soil diseases, insects and weed seeds. Hummert recommends adding Nutri-Blend.

To purchase this product, please visit your local dealer.